Catch & Release

My mind saw
inside my heart

a dozen bright and
flashing schools
and started grabbing. 

These are my damages

which I quickly regret

and wish we were
making love instead
tangled in the sun

where it does not make me mad
to catch and release.

It sounded like
you asked for trust, that thing
I want to not need,

want to let it hit the water,

So I am mad about it, and
grabbing, I shower away
your smell,

and afraid,
I change
the sheets.

But then
you call, your voice a line
to this woman I fear

just talking to her,

like she is the horizon.

You talk it through,
naming all the hard weathered names, and
with light hands,

you are gently


Watch them fly now,
you say softly.

They are colorful,
and slippery,

tiny on the sky
and disappearing.

I look,
all your hooks are
empty and clean.


and your eyes are on me, to say hey

these are
known species, babe.
It’s OK.

Don’t be startled.

I’m not.

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